Purchased this glue because I was looking for something that would not lift up during a workout. Followed all directions, the hold is amazing, but it does feel a bit warm after attached. Not sure if I will be able to leave it in place. Although I did perform a test spot and felt nothing. I may have sensitive skin. Will update. 
Sharonna Lynche
 THE BEST GLUE EVER. I've been wearing it 6 month straight, no problems. My edges are 100% 
Kalli Morton
 I need to add a pic when I do my make up! 🙃🙃😛 I love Magical Bond! Went on a beach trip and it held up like nothing I’ve used before. Had to do one little touch up but it got soaked in the ocean and only one little spot lifted. I used an extra layer than the directions because I have oily skin btw. 
Alicia Norman
 I used this Magical Bond on my frontal and it is GREAT!! My frontal was secure through out my whole vacation not 1 slip! Got in the water on the beach and my lace was still intact!! It was easy to apply and it dries clear, my lace did not come off until i used the remover and i still have my edges so A+!!! Would definitely buy again when I run out