Why Is Magical Bond Different From Other Water Based Copolymers?

Magical Bond Adhesive is a one of a kind, safety first formulation. Unlike other water based products, Magical Bond Adhesive is designed to be more impervious to water and oil. This means that once Magical Bond is given the chance to completely cure, it should block water, sweat and oil that can potentially penetrate its barrier. Other water-based copolymers have a tendency to revert back from a cured state to a semi-cured state, thus allowing oil and perspiration to permeate the bond, breaking it down and leaving you with a Magical remover.

Why Do You Recommend An Antiperspirant For The Scalp?

Antiperspirant can help anyone, especially people with over active sebaceous glands and those who perspire excessively. Magical Bond No Sweat is designed to hold back perspiration for a couple of days to give the new bond a chance to fully cure. This allows your wig adhesive to give you maximum hold and performance.

Why Can I Not Shower For 24 Hours After My Adhesive Has Been Applied?

This is a very important factor in the bonding process and the hold you will get. Any individual with full head bonding questions should always be informed of the following: It is vital not to take a shower for at least 24 hours after having your cosmetic bonding adhesive applied. Even if you take a shower and do not get your hair wet, it doesn’t matter, the adhesive will still separate from the scalp.

The reason for this is the warm water causes your body temperature to rise. Because significant amounts of the body’s heat escapes through the scalp, it will very quickly penetrate through the wig adhesive and cause it to become loose. Any water based lace wig adhesive needs at least 24 hours to fully cure, no matter what type it is.

The same advice can be given to anyone who actively works out, jogs, exercises on a daily basis. You are advised to refrain from any activity that causes perspiration for at least 24 hours (one day of being a couch potato) after your hair adhesive is applied.